Envirogrind Recycling's philosophy is all about reducing, recycling and reusing waste material on site for the benefit of the builder and the environment. We are committed to developing and promoting environmentally sound waste management practices and assisting to foster co-operation within the building and construction industry. 

The direct environmental benefit of recycling and waste minimization will be less solid waste going to land fill.

Utilizing the Envirogrind Recycling method of on site recycling, the indirect environmental benefits will be:


  • Using less resources as recycled timber, masonry and plasterboard are used back on site
  • Reduction of heavy vehicle traffic and exhaust pollution
  • Using less resources such as diesel, petrol and steel (bins)
  • Water savings for future generations due to gypsum from plaster board being re-sown on site
  • Reduced soil erosion and storm water pollution due to wood chips being used on site as erosion control.
  • Safety and O.H. & S. compliant

Environmental sustainability can be achieved by reducing waste and pollution, using less resources and reusing recycled building material.

Envirogrind Recycling estimates that roughly 30% of residential construction waste exported to landfill is soil, this can be reduced greatly via Envirogrind Recycling grinding methods.

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